Workshop on affine and overlapping iterated function systems 2022

University of Bristol, 10 – 12 May 2022

The Mathematics Department The Workshop on affine and overlapping iterated function systems 2022 is a short workshop at the University of Bristol that will bring together researchers in the dimension theory community after the long COVID-induced hibernation.

Aim. The workshop aims to facilitate an exchange of new research, as much has happened over the past two years regarding affine and overlapping iterated function systems, as well as dimension theory in general and their interactions with fractal geometry, dynamical systems, as well as number theory. In particular, we ecourage early career mathematicians (ECM), whom the lack of in-person conferences and workshop has hit the hardest, to attend. We have funds from the London Mathematics Society and the Heilbronn Institute of Mathematical Research available to support the attendance of ECMs.

Pre-workshop event. The workshop will be preceeded by an LMS Scheme 6 one-day event on 10 May, celebrating the new appointment of Henna Koivusalo, with the workshop happening from 11 – 12 May at the University of Bristol.

Funding information. This meeting is supported by Foundation Compositio Mathematica, the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research (HIMR), the UKRI EPSRC, and the School of Mathematics Institute of Probability, Analysis and Dynamics